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Hi, I am a born Bermudian of British and West Indian descent. Have travelled extensively and still love to call Bermuda my home. This island has so much to offer visually and literally. I can provide an Excellent Bermuda Experience. If you want to see Bermuda authenticaly and economically ask about our staycation options.
  1. Valerio Reply

    I keep swag, any trackables we have to drop, lots of spare ragherceable batteries, my beloved camera (I’d give up my gps before that), a compass, a pancho, pens, wind-up LED, first aid items, Benadryl (Ladybug and bee-stings don’t get along), spare logs, spare zip-lock bags, aspirin for me, and a small, folding tool from LL Bean.In the summer we carry a packable dog bowl and lots of water for the geodogs. It’s always a good idea to mark dog water on their bottles . I crave heat and usually don’t drink when we’re on the trail, but we’ll carry water or Powerade (blue goo) for Ladybug as well.

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