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Royal Naval Dockyard

Dockyard played roles in many historic events, including the War of 1812 and WW II. In its heyday, the Dockyard supported a thriving naval and civilian community.

Casemate Barracks 

Casemate Barracks was built in the late 1830s to house troops. It closed in 1951 it became Bda’s maximum security prison from 1963-1994.

Kings Wharf 

Kings Wharf is the original berth (or the dock), Heritage Wharf is a latter addition and located next to Kings Wharf.This is the largest cruise port in the Island of Bermuda.

The Clocktower Mall 

The Clocktower Mall is open all seven days a week.
January - Mar (10am to 5pm) April – Dec (9am - 6pm), On Mondays open till 9pm as part of Royal Naval Nights.

Dolphin Quest 

Dolphin Quest/The Keep Pond served to transport stores from ships anchored in Grassy Bay 9-5 Apr-Oct, 10-4 Nov –Mar

Royal Naval Cemetery 

Located in Sandys and close to the Royal Naval Dockyard, the land around the cemetery was purchased by the British Royal Navy in 1809.


Somerset Village 

Somerset Village is a small, unincorporated village in the northwest area of Bermuda, located in Sandys Parish. It lies in the northern half of Somerset Island.

Somerset Long Bay 

Located far away from tourist areas, Somerset Long Bay beach provides a private Bermuda experience. The white, sandy beach faces the Somerset Long Bay and benefits from the area's shallow, clear waters and panoramic view.

9 Beaches 

This eco-resort, sprawls across 18 acres that really are surrounded by nine separate beaches, each more breathtaking than the last. This ultra-casual hideaway features private, individual cabanas on stilts, some over the water.

Cambridge Beaches 

Nestled on a private peninsula with 30 lush, secluded acres to explore, we feature cottage-style rooms and suites, four private beaches, an acclaimed European wellness center and the Ocean Spa.

Heydon Trust Park 

A reminder of what the island was like in its early days, this blissfully peaceful 43-acre preserve remains an unspoiled open space, except for a few citrus groves and flower gardens.

Fort Scaur 

This fort was built in 1870s at the time when the relationship between British and the Americans were strained.

Somerset Bridge 

The smallest working drawbridge in the Western Hemisphere. Connecting Somerset Island with the mainland in the western parish of Sandys.

South Shore

West Whale Bay 

West Whale Bay is a small beach with pink sands below a rocky cliff. Its calm and shallow waters make it an ideal place for children. The beach tends to disappear during high tides.

Church Bay 

A Bermuda National Park, ocean- side with rest area. Good for sunbathing, snorkeling and other water sports, with boiler and other reefs, no corals. Bathrooms (toilets) nearby.

The Reefs 

Perched above a secluded pink sand beach discover one of the best Bermuda hotels. With this stunning setting and attentive personal service. This is your private sanctuary.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 

It is one of the few in the world made of cast iron. it is built next to the Signal Station on Gibb's Hill, originally operated by the British Army.

Fairmont Southampton Princess 

Whether you travel for business or leisure, Fairmont Gold offers a level of service and recognition that will help you make the most of every moment, ensuring a stay that is nothing short of unforgettable.

Horseshoe Bay 

Bermuda's famous pink-sand beaches are considered some of the loveliest seaside retreats in the world, and the shores of Horseshoe Bay are no exception.

Warwick Long Bay 

Warwick Long Bay beach is a long and magnificent half a mile stretch of pink sands. Against a backdrop of grape & cedar trees, and low grasses, the beach looks fabulous.

Elbow Beach 

Elbow Beach, Bermuda overlooks the sparkling blue waters of South Shore and is within close distance of Hamilton - Bermuda’s capital.

City of Hamilton

Statue of Johnny Barnes 

Johnny Barnes is a Bermudian found waving to passing traffic at the Foot of the Lane roundabout in Hamilton, Bermuda, from roughly 3:45 am to 10 am, every workday, rain or shine.

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute 

Exciting, amazing and educational - that’s what the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) is all about!

Bermuda's Parliament 

The House of Assembly was originally the only house of Bermuda's parliament, and held its first session in 1620.

The Cenotaph 

A monument that honors the dead warriors of Bermuda. You will see three flags on the cenotaph. Those are of The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and British Army, saluting the sacrifice of the brave soldiers.

The War Memorial 

The War Memorial was opened in December 2010 and has names of nearly 3000 war veterans.
The war memorial was designed and constructed in England by David West.

The Birdcage 

This blue and white metal structure was earlier used by the Bermuda police to regulate traffic at this junction. The traffic during the peak hours often came to halt due to heavy jams.

The Perot’s Post Office 

The building was named after Mr. William B. Perot, the inaugural Postmaster General on the island. He held the position back in 1821.

Public Transportation 

The railway system closed in 1948. The Public Transportation Board was created in 1946 and operates all bus services. Buses, the backbone of the island's public transportation system, are supplemented by a public ferry service.

Victoria Park 

An attractive city park in Hamilton Bermuda. Other than many types of trees and shrubs, there is also a beautiful band stand here imported from Scotland.

Queens Club Park House 

Queens Club Park House, 39 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton, Bermuda HM10. A nice place to stop for Refreshments or Restroom break.

The Cathedral 

Located in the heart of Hamilton City, Bermuda Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is an Anglican church.

St. Theresa's Church 

St. Theresa's Church (became St. Theresa's Cathedral upon the establishment of the Diocese) was opened in 1932.

Black Watch Well 

The well was named after the Scottish Regiment Black Watch who volunteered to dig this well here during 1849 when Pembroke was hit by a prolonged drought.

Government House 

Government House in Bermuda has beautiful manicured gardens, a full Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts and wide range of plantation including cedars and spice trees. However the property is not open to public since March 1973.

East End

Flatts Village 

Flatts Village one of the earliest British settlements in the island that took place in early 1600s. In the 1700s, this used to be the second busiest port after St. George.

Verdmont Museum 

Verdmont Museum, unchanged since the 1700s and now owned by the Bermuda National Trust, earned a major award for its restoration.

Shelly Bay 

Shelly Bay Beach is often rated as the number one beach for kids and families in Bermuda because of its extensive stretch of shallow waters.

John Smiths Bay 

The beach is very popular with both tourists and locals. John Smiths Bay beach is named after Captain John Smith, an explorer who first produced a map of Bermuda in 1631.

Watch Hill Park 

The massive boiler reefs that are the focus of this site come to within inches of the surface. These sheer vertical walls of coral, limestone and fossils of worms form arches and overhangs.

Spittal Pond 

In 1946, historian and conservationist Dr. Henry Wilkinson purchased a segment of the land at the eastern end and donated the 4.2 acres land area to the Bermuda National Trust in 1973.

Tucker's Town 

Today Tucker's Town is the place only for the affluent. A house here costs over $2 million. Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi and Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg are known residents.

Mid Ocean 

Mid Ocean has its place in history having been the venue for significant summit meetings between the world's most powerful leaders.

The Swizzle Inn 

The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda's oldest and certainly most famous pub. This potent rum and fruit juice cocktail is legendary for making the locals "loco" and the tourists "tipsy"!

Crystal Caves 

Discovered in the 1880's, the Caves have as much mystery and undisturbed beauty as they did more than 130 years ago.

The Causeway 

It was rebuilt following the original design, which stood until 14 September 1899, when three-fourth of a mile of the bridge was ravaged by another powerful hurricane.


The airfield began life as Kindley Field, a joint US Army Air Forces (USAAF)/Royal Air Force (RAF) base, during the Second World War. The RAF forces in Bermuda were withdrawn at the end of the War.

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) 

Disciplines as diverse as marine invertebrate zoology, coral reef ecology, chemical and physical oceanography, animal physiology and carbonate geology are studied here.

St. George’s

The Ebenezer Methodist Church 

The oldest Anglican Church site in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere. St Peter's church dates from the 17th century, with the present building dating to 1713.

The cathedral (unfinished church) 

The cathedral, begun in 1874, was intended to replace St. Peter's Church Result: the Unfinished Church.

The State House 

The State House was built along Italian lines, due, reportedly, to then-Governor Nathaniel Butler's conviction that Bermuda shared the same latitude and climate.

Somers Gardens 

The waving palm trees and fountains give it an open, airy sort of atmosphere which invites visitors to sit and enjoy their surroundings, especially on warm humid days.

St. George’s Town 

St. George's is no sterile relic, however; it is a living town, and its historic buildings function not only as museums but also as houses, restaurants, pubs and shops.

Clearwater beach 

Clearwater beach is good for snorkeling. Although you won't find reefs here and therefore no reef fish, the sea grass on the shallow ocean floor offers many interesting things.

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve 

The entire Cooper's Island was then a restricted area. After the U.S closed its base, it was opened out to the public.

St. David's lighthouse 

Located on St. David's Island and overlooking the South Shore, this famous 134 Year-old Lighthouse is a landmark on Bermuda’s east end.