Little Island BIG Adventure, (LIBA) a reliable resource for Escorted Geocaching Tours in Bermuda was formed in response to the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s request for new and innovative ideas to improve upon our tourism product.  RoseAnn Tucker, the Principal Owner/Operator of Little Island BIG Adventure a.k.a. “Reliable RoseAnn”  of Kreative Response- A Bermuda Concierge, with the help of the Bermuda Island Geocachers (BIG) combined years of managing within the Transport Tour Management service, with the hobby of Geocaching.

In 2013 and 2014, RoseAnn was asked to facilitate passengers from off the cruise ships for a DCS GeoTour. Because of these experiences,  in  2014, we submitted our Little Island Big Adventure Escorted Geocaching Tour business model to the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) which they endorsed and  supported. We will work with cruise ship concierge and all travel professionals to ensure that your visitor’s vacation experience is the very best. It is our hope that you find us to be Bermuda’s most “Reliable Resource” for your Geocaching Vacation Experience, Tour or Event.

LIBA believes that this escorted outdoor adventure experience offers both visitor and resident alike the opportunity to learn about and discover more of our Island’s unique resources in a safe and friendly way. “Escorted Geocaching Tours offer added value to your visit. It is the best way to explore/navigate the intricacies of this beautiful Island, learn historical facts/trivia and have fun too”.

We combine our knowledge of local businesses and attractions with the excitement of finding hidden caches. Our entire Island, is a safe resort, in an all year round temperate climate which makes it even more possible to enjoy this outdoor experience when you want to. Bermuda, like some places in the world can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are used to driving/riding on the opposite (right) side of the road, so an escorted/guided Geocaching 441 tour can be a great option. We are inviting visitors to take our escorted tour option so that they have worry free hunt and fun when Geocaching in Bermuda.

Little Island Big Adventure invites the residents of Bermuda to add Geocaching to their outdoor sport  or vacation experience.

Take a ride with us – Little Island BIG Adventure Escorted Geocaching Tours and so much more!